Biden Released a 19-year Detainee from Guantanamo Bay

He was captured in 2001 by Pakistani agents, and has been in Guantanamo since 2002.

The US accuses him of involvement with the Taliban, but, like many Guantanamo detainees, he was never charged with a crime.

Nasser was recommended for release in 2016, the Times reported, but he stayed there under the Trump administration, which halted transfers out of Guatanamo.

Former President Barack Obama’s special envoy for arranging transfers from Guantanamo in 2015 and 2016 said that his office arranged to repatriate two men, including Nasser, the Times reported.

Nasser’s family told ABC News in 2019 that they had started to prepare for his return, but felt betrayed by the US government.

39 prisoners now remain at Guatanamo Bay, according to the Times.Read the original article on Business Insider

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  1. One thing for sure that we DO NOT have imagine. Record debt and creating an inequality gap?

    The real fact is that 40 years of Republican tax cuts failed.

    Trickle-down economics has be the best documented failure. The cult-like Republican belief in tax cuts isn’t supported by results. It’s leading to an apocalypse of debt and inequality.

    We can’t keep burning the tax base by massive tax cuts that benefit Wall Street and people earning over $400,000 a year. Remember Trump administration drop it from 35% to 21%. That’s how we started to create todays inflation problem.

    We got a wakeup call with COVID-19. Republicans finally realized that they needed to provide a stimulus program to the working people or have a massive Stock Market crash like in the 1930’s. So Republicans took a page out of the Roosevelt era and with the support of Democrats passesd a stimulus package to get the economy back on track.

    One way to stop inflation is to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Stock market could fall to the 21,000 to 23,000 range but also so will unneeded spending. Then use these monies to help working families.

    Also the Federal Reserve and not Biden administration that can fight inflation! Federal Reserve officials say they have tools to fight inflation should it become a problem.


    • A delusional thought process. The one and only motivating factor in any economy is profits. Without profit we can only expect stagnation and jib loss. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor man? I already know the answer. With the logic you present there’s no room for innovation or investment. This is big planet and the moneyed interests you decry will only seek out the easiest path to profits. No matter what manner of governance there’s always a wealthy ruling class. What you fail to understand is even with disparity between rich and poor the United States has provided more access to housing healthcare decent food clean water than any other society on earth. With each and every generation the masses have garnered more of the slice of pie than the previous generations. For whatever reason you have decided that the present state of our economy is preferable to the previous administration yet the numbers simply do not support your position. Very soon tge pain of inflation will wear more on the poor based on outrageous government regulation higher taxes and more handouts. We’ve seen this all before and what Biden is doing is akin to what Carter tried. It only serves to weaken the nation on the global stage and drives inflation to the point of stagnation. When the inevitable happens as usual the left will turn on each other and the right will be asked to clean up the mess. Again

      • So you are a supporter of Corporate Welfare and massive tax cuts that benefited people like Trump who pay almost nothing in taxes. What about the Billions of dollars each year in handout outs of our taxes to corporations. What hurting inflation is the fact we are spending more than what taxes we bring in. When ever we have a major Stock Market down turn we have to bail out Wall Street. So who really benefits?

        It’s time to rebuild the middle class and give working people the opportunity to improve their quality of life. The real facts was that it was the Labor Unions that built the middle class. Trump Administration was pursuing economic policies that rewarded wealth over work and corporations over working families.Too many families were struggling to make ends meet and too many parents were worried about the economic future for their children.

        You are only diluting yourself if you think otherwise. Take it from someone who has earned a six figure income each year for more than 40 years and makes more money now each year than when I was working.

        Again – Trickle-down economics has been a documented failure…

  2. These massive handouts you call economic recovery only serves to add more debt and drives inflation. For every dollar created from nothing an immediate ten percent is automatically owed to the fed not to mention the reduction in value of said dollar on the global stage. What you are proposing is socialism and it stops working the moment the wealthy either bail out or are made penniless. You seem to forget that there’s always a ruling class and there’s always disparity between the rich and poor. That gap continues to grow. What’s delusional is to believe that creating trillions of dollars out of thin air stabilizes an economy. It is only a short term stop gap measure and invariably costs the taxpayers more. When I say the taxpayers I mean you and I the middle class
    The ruling elite has never and will never pay their fair share because they just leave the heavy tax burden to do business elsewhere. Without economic incentive the moneyed class either sit on their wealth or move their investments abroad. The only way to improve the economy and therefore the living wages of the public is to create jobs. The very reasons we have lost nearly all decent paying manufacturing jobs is because of unionization and governmental restrictions. The moment unions force higher wages on ownership the costs are immediately handed down to the consumer and the workforce trimmed. This hurts the economically disadvantaged. We see cars costing fifty thousand dollars these days and many simply can not afford to own a vehicle. Unless you live in a large city with mass transportation that eliminates the ability to find a decent paying job for many. That’s counterproductive. In the short 6 months of the Biden administration we have seen inflation product shortages and it’s only beginning. The tax and spend democrats are like pigs at the trough. There’s never enough and the tax increases always,Always, end up being saddled upon the middle class. Mark my words we are the cusp of another recession and in three years we will see the country in desperate shape. When that happens the conservatives will be back at the top. Unfortunately the problem is the fake fiscal conservatives have fallen into the same old trap of short term fixes and the national debt is so severe its unlikely to ever be paid off. We have monetized our debt and sold much of it to communist China so in the end the entire argument is moot. We are facing a “great reset” that nobody is sure what that exactly entitles. I truly thought Reagan an idiot when he started the massive cuts and though they were painful years he had put this economy back on track. Unfortunately the likes of both George Bushs along with Clinton and Obama have completely destroyed the efforts. In the end I doubt either one of the strategies we espouse will remain relevant in the near future I only know one thing to be true. You can’t eliminate a ruling class and there will always be disparity in any form of governance. Simply put handouts and bloated government destroys economies.

  3. Quote: “…benefited people like Trump who pay almost nothing in taxes.” That was the lie pushed by Rachel Maddow who then proceeded to do a huge EXPOSE about Donald Trump not paying federal income taxes. She proved he paid $38 MILLION dollars in federal income taxes in just one year. IMO that is no “almost nothing.”

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