First Manchester, Then London: We MUST Stop the Spread of Islamism!

Yesterday we talked about the sensitive souls who were offended by a billboard that used the 9/11 death toll to argue in favor of President Trump’s travel ban. Now, in the wake of a brand new terrorist attack in London, we’re going to talk about putting an end to the sick ideology of Islamism once and for all. Because it’s only a matter of time before we come face to face with the NEXT 9/11, and it could easily be an attack of such destruction that we will no longer use that dark day as the benchmark for terror.

Let us waste no more time making deeply-drawn distinctions between Islam and “extremist” Islam. If there are still people who want to paint all Muslims with the same brush, then no amount of lecturing is going to change that. Furthermore, the so-called moderate Muslims have no one but themselves to blame for the confusion. They’ve passively allowed the radical jihadists to hijack their religion and turn it into a vehicle for war and slaughter. They’ve had (at least) sixteen years to take their religion back. They’ve failed.

Besides that, we’re not entirely convinced that the distinction is particularly meaningful. Obviously, not every Muslim is a terrorist; domestically, only an extraordinarily-tiny percentage of them support the actions of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist sects. That said, the most visible Muslim-American advocacy outfit – CAIR – goes out of its way to defend Islam whenever there is an attack. Not to defend Islam from the TERRORISTS, mind you – to defend it from the Americans who are fed up with watching Muslims blow up, shoot, stab, and run over innocent Westerners in Paris, London, Manchester, Orlando, Boston, San Bernardino, New York City, Washington D.C., and the list goes on forever…

We’ve heard enough about tolerance to last us a lifetime. A lifetime that will be very short, if Islamist extremists have anything to say about it. And with ISIS getting very good at radicalizing Americans through social media and with the courts refusing to allow President Trump to exercise some basic precautions at the border, they probably WILL have something to say about it. To which we can only be thankful that Obama didn’t succeed in his mission to destroy the Second Amendment.

Even now, however, we aren’t even slightly afraid that the Islamists will actually win their war on the West. Eventually, human nature kicks in, and human nature has very little in common with the privileged, ivory-tower liberalism that is already being kicked to the curb in the U.S. and many other countries. When it does, we’ll turn those freedom-hating countries on Trump’s banned list into wonderfully-vacant parking lots.

Unfortunately, we dread to think what kind of domestic attack it will take to finally break the West’s liberals out of their comfortable zone of sleep. We pray that Trump and likeminded politicians across the sea will take the initiative and destroy this terrible blight on humanity before that attack happens.



Written by Andrew


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