Nigel Farage to Merkel: You Invited These Terrorists In

Nigel Farage, the man who championed the Brexit movement last year, says that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is responsible for inviting Islamic terrorism into her country.

Merkel has sounded much unlike herself in recent weeks, following the Berlin terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 12 people. In her New Years’ message, Merkel said Islamic terrorism posed the “greatest threat” to German security.

But while she’s begun to sound the alarm on Islamic terrorism at long last, her critics insist that her own policies are to blame for the slaughter.

“We saw that horrendous crashing into the Christmas market in Berlin just before Christmas,” Farage said in an interview with Fox News. “The person driving that lorry had served a prison sentence in Italy – through the European Union’s free movement he got to Germany.”

It was at that point, Farage says, that Merkel’s government dropped the ball.

“He had applied for asylum and refugee status, and having been refused, he hadn’t been removed,” he said.

Farage was pleased to see Merkel finally take notice of the threat posed by jihadists, but he wanted to make sure the German people remembered her policies up to this point.

“At last, what we’re seeing from Mrs. Merkel is some recognition,” he said. “It is not racist, it is not inflammatory, it is not wrong to recognize that we have a problem.

“However, let’s just remember, she was the person who invited into Germany over a million people without being able to security check a single one of them,” he concluded.

History will not be kind to her on that mistake, but this isn’t something that should have required 20/20 hindsight. It’s one thing to feel compassion for displaced Arab refugees; it’s another to throw your own nation’s security out the window. Whether this was her own genius idea or she was pressured by President Obama, it was a catastrophic lapse in judgement.

All the globalists are worried about the rise of “far-right populism” in Europe and throughout the West, but those groups are a direct reaction to the idiocy of the left. All the touchy-feely rhetoric about Islam and immigration looks like the nonsense it is when bodies are scattered throughout a Christmas market.

No one’s calling for a war on Islam.

Just a little bit of common sense would be nice.

Written by Andrew


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